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to my dear and loving steam
To my dear and loving steam,
That moves and powers me,
And has became my blood stream,
Or the roots to my tree.
With pipes and gears,
And cooper and steal,
Your my guide of the frontiers
To life's seal.
Once with no soul
But now filled with animation.
Our ancestor were coal
But turned to full action.
As the gears twist and turned
Flesh and metal became one.
The water is burned
And steam lifts a ton
They told me, "you are a mere teen,
A teen covered in pure garbage and junk"
I stood up and simply smiled, "your right, but you left out something, I'm a machine"
They smiled back, "a teen who is pure steampunk."
:iconcarlshark:carlshark 2 0
a godess
She truly is a godess to me
just like the gods are unreachable by mere mortal hands
she is the godess that I cant reach no matter how hard i try
such beauty
such looks
and very sexy
yet one of the smarter people I know
she understood me the best
she knew me, maybe even more then i knew my self.
But she grew tired of me,
was not her fault
it was the mortals fault.
a human is not perfect, and does a lot of wrong
it may be his fault, it may not be his fault
but she grew tired of this mortal, and grew to hate him, with such intense rage, such fire grew in her.
But a godess being so conspicuous for her assets, she couldn't just hide away from him, her only alternative was just to push him away.
Like the wind pushing around heavy litter.
The mortal, even though he was being pushed away, he couldn't go away.
The mortal had fallen in love with this godess.
If someone were to ask him who is ____, and what does he think of her.
He would say
"____? There is no simple answer to that...
all I can r
:iconcarlshark:carlshark 1 5
a doctors cure for a curse
love is a curse
the first stage of love is when you have feelings for someone, but not nesesaryly interested in the person, the curse has spoted you.
the begining stages of love are easily to overcome for the curse is just getting to you, cured with in the first hour to twenty-four hours.
the middle stages of love are a bit harder to overcome, the curse has started inhabiting your body, its starting to go into your skin, but can be washed away anywhere within a day to a week.
the high stages of love are starting to get dangerous, the curse has penetrated your skin and flesh, it's in many of your vital organs, but it's still curable. this one will take a bit longer, it can last anywhere from a week to a month, this will require lots of scrubing and lots of friends to take your mind off things.
then the dangerously high stages of love is something you dont want to fall into. the curse has penetrated your heart like an arrow. now it's flowing thru your veins, filling you up with this male
:iconcarlshark:carlshark 1 0
"your too nice carlos"
"yeah, N is right, you need to grow some"
"sure, being nice is a must,
but you need to learn when enough is enough"
"were not telling you to change, but we sudjest for you to know;
when to say no, when to stand up for yourself,
you cant keep it all in to yourself
you need to learn when to let out what needs to be let out at the time."
"basicaly, what L is saying, if you dont,
everything you bottle up inside is gona explode,
on someone you dont want it to"
"i dont know guys..."
"thats our sudjestion, what we think, you dont have to do it...
but N and i think you should"
i wake up, take a shower, look in the mirror
fuzzy, poffy, curly, too soft...
look around, thru the cabinets, under the sink
found it, all the way in the back.
"i thought i would never use you again..."
look around some more, found the second item.
hair is getting pulled back, the curls being strethced.
the hair hidding me for so long, is finaly showing the world my face.
hair tugging i
:iconcarlshark:carlshark 0 0
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curo ark
United States
name; Carlos
nicknames; Curo, L, los, totodile
ability; prop making
specialty; anything steampunk
skills; solidworkds, drawing, crafting, growing, inventing, recycling.
age; old enough
status; single (but wants his ex)
hair; black
eyes; brown
facial hair; just enough
hair lenght; ranges from 2 to 5 inches bellow chin
so back in jan of 09, i was writting a story called "Hurricane+kuro+hotaru:love"

it was basicaly a story of the characters hotaru and kuro (based on my ex and myself in an alternate universe 4 years into the future in 2012) being secret lovers (from their family), and how they get even closer thru a hurricane thats on it's way to florida, passing dangerously close to the city of ''western town''.

i had no real back bone to the story, it was mainly something i was doing on my spare time as a time killer, and since i didnt know where i could make the story go, i sort of stoped and moved on to ther quicker things. new stories (not published), more pictures, etc.

lately i desided to start writing the story again.
looking back, the first two chapters seem pretty crappy. and i dont sudjest anyone read em
ch 1…
ch 2…

i am too lazy to rewrite everything, so what i am doing is;

im continuing from where i left off, starting on ch 3.
i will make a sumary of the first two chapters.
and i will post this on my new acount :iconcuroark:

it might be under scraps, cus that acount is more for my steampunk and mythological creations. but i'll make an exception for this story.

here is chapter 3…
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